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Gun Supplies would like to introduce COLIN BELL who has been our contracted Gunsmith now for over nine years.

Colin is a trade qualified gunsmith with more than 21 years experience in Gunsmithing and Shooting and one of only a handful that are fully qualified in Gunsmithing within New Zealand.

Originally trained in South Africa, Colin moved to New Zealand in 2008 and straight away started repairing firearms based out of his garage at home, in Rotorua.

Gun Supplies contracted Colin that same year and has since done all Gun Supplies Gunsmithing work, but also as a team, have move forward from just general Gunsmithing to developing new products. All products produced by Colin are marketed today under the GBC Logo, GUN & BELL CUSTOM.

Many of you have already seen some of the new products Colin and the Team at Gun Supplies have developed over the last few years, like the GBC CZ DarkSide Open Pistol, GBC DarkForce Pistol Carbine, GBC Muzzle Brake and the all new GBC M9-11 - M38-11 CHAOS Open Division & the M40-11 CHAOS Standard Pistols, then theres the GBC Skin 'N' Bone Buttstock, GBC CZ75 Thin Checkered Alloy Grips plus many more GBC products and with much more to come, Colin has built up a reputation for excellenece in the firearms industry matched by few, if any, within New Zealand.

With GUN Supplies New Gun Shop, Colin is now based within the building in the Brand New Workshop, fully fitted out with what’s needed to run an up market Gunsmithing business today.  The very latest CNC machinery is used to produce the GBC products you see today and will see in the future.  

Need a job done, nothing too big or too small, or you simply have a problem you want to discuss, just contact Gun Supplies to organise or point you in the right direction. All Contact details are on CONTACT page on this website.

  • General Gun Repairs
  • Barrel Threading
  • Suppressor Fitting & Barrel Adapters
  • Scope Mount & Scope Fitting
  • Night Vision Rail Mount Fitting
  • Trigger Work
  • Modifications & Custom Work
  • Custom Built Pistols & Rifles
  • Genuine Replacement Parts
  • CNC machine for precision parts manufacturing
Colin Bell

Looking forward to seeing you around!